River Bluff residents get first look at flood damage

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - It's the first look at the damage since the water receded for many residents in River Bluff, and they know there's little time to wait to start cleaning up.

"Yeah I ain't got no place to go. I'm going to stay right here," said Randy Wright.

Wright is trying his best to remain positive as he assesses the damage left behind from the flooding along the Red River. He, like many other residents, is in the very first stages of getting their lives back together and finding out where they're going to start.

"From the floor, we're going to tear out about four feet [of dry wall] up," he said.

Wright says that includes all cabinets, wood floors and furniture that was ruined by the water.

Just across the street, another homeowner did not want to be interviewed, but let us tour her home. She's already ripping sheet rock out and pulling out all furniture destroyed by the flood. Their project manager Mike Fletcher of Xpert DKI says he's just trying to get the house cleaned as fast as possible.

"Our big concern now is anything that it touched we're tearing out. There is no point in saving anything. It has to go. The only thing we save is the wood," he said.

But for Wright, this was his first time seeing the damage.

"A nightmare. It was kind of disturbing for lack of a better word," said Wright.

The nightmare may still be yet to come. Many people living along the Red River are keeping a close watch on the weather, and know that a tropical system is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. That could mean heavy rain and potentially more flooding.

"North Texas doesn't need anymore water and that's where ours is going to come from. We sure don't need anymore," he said.

Wright estimates and hopes he will be able to be done with renovations in about 2 to 3 months.

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