Les Maison residents fighting Red River

Residents in Les Maison holding strong

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The floodwaters in the Les Maison subdivision have come inland about 100 feet in the last six days, forcing many to use boats to get to and from their homes.

Generators and pumps nearly shake the Les Maison subdivision where at least six families are waging a constant battle with the rising Red River.

"We have two pumps going over here. One that has to be checked about every two minutes because there's so much water coming in now," said Kellie Simpson.

We spoke with Simpson last week when the water wasn't even close to her home, but now a sandbag wall and water pumps are the only thing keeping the river from invading her house.

"People aren't sleeping because you're afraid of waking up to water in your living room. You have to man pumps and if you do sleep you're probably waking up every 30 minutes," she said.

The round-the-clock manning of the pumps and patching the sandbag walls has the Simpson's running on fumes. Knowing very well the waters won't recede for weeks, they find themselves asking how long they can keep this up and they're hoping local government officials will come up with a plan soon.

"What do we do?" she asked. "We have a wall holding back the river from getting into our homes. We don't have power. We have a generator that's half power. We don't have sewer. We don't have water."

Through this all, she's noticed this flood is bringing out the best in people. Simpson says her faith, and the overwhelming outpouring of love from the community keeps her fighting and remaining hopeful.

SWEPCO says it could be months before power is restored to those residents because they have to wait for the water to go down closer to normal levels before they can repair any damaged equipment. The Red Cross reached out to several neighbors there Monday evening and they should start receiving help as early as Tuesday morning.

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