Some residents choose to stay put instead of evacuating due to rising river

Some residents choose to stay put instead of evacuating due to rising river

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Evacuations continue as the Red River continues to inch closer to its forecasted crest on Sunday but not everyone is ready to leave their home.

"As high as it has gotten already, and if it keeps going like it says its going, I'm out of here," said Harold Grant.

Harold Grant says he's staying put for now even though his neighbor's yard is underwater and his mobile home could be next.

"Leave, you need to be away, were praying for you, those are some of the things that everyone has told me," said Grant.

It isn't just concerned family and friends encouraging Grant to leave his home.

On Friday morning Caddo Parish Sheriff's office deputies knocked on doors encouraging residents to evacuate.

"We talked a little bit, he asked what was going on, he asked who should he call in case of emergency," said Grant.

Right now even taking a simple walk to the mailbox, has become work for the residents on Wells Island Road.

"A storage building was floating down the river earlier, it was still up and visible, it was floating then all of a sudden I looked again and it wasn't there, I think it went under," said Grant.

He says he's keeping his eye on the river and while watching he's seen cows caught in the powerful currents. Sights like nothing he's seen in the ten years that he's lived along the river.

"I'm not going to leave unless I feel a danger," said Grant.

He says his plans could change but for now he's stacking sand bags around his home and preparing to wait out the rise of the red river.

SWEPCO crews were out on Wells Island turning off the electricity of flooded homes as a precaution.

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