Red River takes over Shreveport neighborhood

Red River takes over Shreveport neighborhood

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - It's been 25 years since the Red River hit flood stage, and the same amount of time since residents on Wells Island Road have seen flooding. Neighbors say the Red is free flowing into their yards and only inches away from their doors.

"It's over the bank now all across the back of the property here, and it's flowing in. I mean pouring in," says Sammy Charchio.

Water slowly flows through Charchio's property on Wells Island Road, but the rising Red River can be seen raging behind his house. He's only seen it flood like this one time before in 1990.

"It got about two inches in the house there. Give or take some," he said.

With the Red now expected to crest a whole foot above what was forecast Wednesday, he fears it will be worse this time.

"It's just going to go in the house, and leave a big deposit of dirt behind. So a lot of clean up afterwards," said Charchio.

Across the street, neighbors wade through water to empty their freezers as they prepare to evacuate. Charchio, who has to do the same to get his house, says he intends to stay as long as he can.

"I plan on staying around here till the last minute just to watch it, and see what goes on. I have a place to go if I need to just to spend the night or whatever," he said.

Neighbors say SWEPCO told them they should remain with power for now, but there's no telling what will happen as the water rises. Residents in at least four houses have evacuated from Wells Island Road until the water recedes.

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