'Raging Red' consumes parts of ETX, SWAR

'Raging Red' consumes parts of ETX, SWAR

BOWIE COUNTY, TX (KSLA) - Many people living in Bowie County, Texas and Miller County, Arkansas are keeping watch on their properties as the Red continues to rise.

City and county leaders gave KSLA News 12 a closer look at what they're doing to protect homes in the area.

"This will be the first time we laid eyes on it since the water came up," Ranch Manager Todd Hervey said.

Hervey manages a Bowie County ranch just north of Texarkana in the Red River bottoms. Monday morning, Hervey finally got permission from Emergency Management officials to check on his property.

Normally, Hervey is pulling a half top behind his truck, pulling a horse and cattle but this week, he's pulling a boat.

Roads into the area are blocked off to motorists coming to take pictures of the floodwaters. Officials say there is still a lot of work going on in the river bottoms and the traffic is a safety issue for workers.

Bowie County Judge James Carlow gave us a brief look at what has been done to try and contain the "Raging Red." He said a lot of work has been done already including placing thousands of sandbags but he says their concern now are boils.

"That is water that goes under the levee and boils up on the dry side and we've got several cases of that going on right now and we are treating those areas," explained Judge Carlow.

Meanwhile, further down the river in Garland City, Arkansas, floodwaters have taken over the Westshore Restaurant. Emergency officials say they have done all they can in preparation of the rising Red and they can only now just wait and see.

"We are continually monitoring the level of the river. It keeps going up. Last night, we had about an eight inch rise," said Miller County Office of Emergency Services Director Larry Pritchard.

Pritchard said they have not issued a mandatory evacuation for residents in Garland City.

"A lot of things happening, a lot of fear, a lot of worry, a lot of uncertainty but the Lord is in control," said Hervey.

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