City of Marshall tests new tornado sirens

City of Marshall tests new tornado sirens
City of Marshall tests new tornado sirens

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - If you have heard sirens go off in Marshall Wednesday, it is because the city is testing three new tornado sirens.

The trio of sirens were turned on and tested throughout the city.
One of the sirens which is located at the Marshall Police Department went off around 11:00 Wednesday morning.

The sirens were already installed, but were not operational until Wednesday.

The three are being added to the four existing sirens in Marshall.

These sirens are electronic, as opposed to the rotating mechanical siren. Both have a similar sound at a similar decibel.

The city has been working on installing the new ones for a few years. They were able to pay for the sirens from money left over from hazardous mitigation funds from Hurricane Ike.

"We had the engineers do a study to look at topography and based on where we have existing sirens and where we need to fill in the gaps in between them to help notifying the public," explained Randy Pritchard, Deputy Emergency Manager for the City of Marshall.

The three new sirens are at the Marshall Police Department, I-20 behind the I-Hop, and at the end of Carters Ferry near MLK Boulevard.

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