Huntington High School students give creative gift to Taylor Swift

Local students with autism make Mardi Gras guitar for Taylor Swift

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Taylor Swift has arrived in the ArkLaTex and Wednesday night she will entertain thousands of adoring fans at the Century Link Center, kicking off her 1989 World Tour.

But students from one Caddo Parish school are going above and beyond to try to get the superstar's attention.

Wednesday afternoon, Taylor got a special delivery from some of her fans.

The special education class at Huntington Middle and High School is "shaking it off."

These children have autism and some cannot communicate with words.

Kodum is one of the main reasons his class is danced to Taylor Swift.

He cannot communicate without either gestures or an augmentative communication device, which will "say" the words he picks out and plays.

His class was using one of their regular classroom tools and this week's lesson from it was all about Taylor Swift.

Her music played in their lesson.

"The students picked up the guitars and started playing," said Rhonda Young, a special education teacher.

Taylor Swift's music created a reaction from Rhonda Young and Karanda Lewis' class, so they decided to do something with it.

They started designing a guitar made of mardi gras beads.

"We can take this a step further, we can finish the guitar and send it to Ms. Swift," said Young

With Taylor Swift's concert Wednesday night, they got permission to take the guitar the students hand-made, and present it at the Century Link Center, which would make its way to Taylor herself.

"Just appreciative and I hope that she likes it and enjoys it, because we enjoyed her music and learning about her this week," said Lewis.

The class was so happy their project they worked so hard on will make it to Taylor Swift.

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