Fashion show highlights illustrated cookbook for children

Fashion show highlights illustrated cookbook for children

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - More than fourteen models strutted down the runway for a a very special fashion show at the Supper Club in downtown Shreveport.  The Sunday fashion show promoted the launch of a children's cookbook inspired by a Shreveport woman's "dazzling positive outlook" for her daughter's future.

Keziah Tsirigotis' daughter Keira was born with Down syndrome. "Keira Angelina The Kitchen Adventurer" focuses on time spent with their time together in the kitchen, sharing their love of cooking.

Keziah says that when Keira was born, hopes for her condition and future were not optimistic. In the face of those challenges, Keziah made a promise that she would do something to honor the "dazzling positive outlook" she envisions for her daughter's future.

"When Keira was an infant, after many bouts of acid reflux and special diets, she decided enough was enough and started feeding her regular table food like spaghetti, mashed potatoes and french fries," Keziah recalls.

Keira started showing significant progress and improvement, according to her mother. With her baby strapped to her waist, Keziah says she began to prepare her favorite dishes with her daughter by her side. That's when the idea of an illustrated children's cookbook containing recipes of their favorite dishes was born. Keziah and Keira continue to cook together every chance they get.

The illustrated cookbook gives a larger than life fantasy adventure featuring recipes that Keziah and Keira share in the kitchen.

Keziah says she wanted to bring it to life in a children's fashion show that includes the sparkle, dazzle and stardom all kids that Keira and other special needs children deserve.

The fashion show "Paparazzi Sparkle: A Pre-Launch Book Children's Fashion Show" will feature fourteen models, many of them with special needs.  The models arrived in a stretch Hummer limo and walked the red carpet.  The packed event featured a kids food demonstration and a violinists.

KSLA News 12's Domonique Benn was the emcee for the fashion show.

The book "Keira Angelina, The Kitchen Adventurer" will be released in the fall.

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