10-year-old recovering from accidental machete stabbing

10-year-old recovering from accidental machete stabbing

HAUGHTON, LA (KSLA) - Chance Mouser's mother recalls many things about the day her son accidentally stabbed himself with a machete. Amanda Talley uses words like adrenaline, panic, and worry.

"Very scary. It was very scary," said Talley.

Mouser was in the woods about 200 yards from his Haughton home when the accident happened.

"He was cleaning brush to make a deer stand, their tree house type area and he tripped over a log," said Talley. "He didn't see and it was in his hand and he landed right on it."

Mouser, who was with his brother, remembers yelling out to his brother to get help. His brother thought it was a joke at first.

"I said 'help I'm dying,'" said Mouser.

His brother and neighbors went to go get help and call 911. As far as any actual pain, Mouser says he didn't feel anything.

"I was in shock, I couldn't feel it," he said.

Bossier Parish EMS rushed the 10-year-old to University health. The machete scraped his liver and punctured his diaphragm, missing all of his major arteries and organs.

"He stayed awake the whole time. He didn't lose consciousness, he didn't cry, he didn't shed a tear," said Talley. "That's the first thing he said is 'I didn't shed a tear.'"

Mouser spent six days in the hospital and received more than 50 stitches and he has scars to prove it.

The 10-year-old doesn't know how to feel about his scars, but what he does know is he bonded with paramedics who helped save his life that day.

"When we were in the ambulance me and Mr Brian were talking about hunting and baseball," said Mouser.

Brian Lindberg, Nessa George, Pam Braidwood, Tommy Hayes and Brian Foster helped save Chance's life. They even visited with Chance while he was in the hospital.

"We got some cookies and took them to them after we got out of the hospital," he said.

Chance says he learned a valuable lesson that day.

"Yeah, never play with machetes," said Chance.

After more than a month of recovery, Chance is finally strong enough to return to the baseball diamond with his team, Haughton Elite.

Mouser will play his first baseball game since the machete accident on Wednesday, May 13 at 7:30 p.m. at Lawson Bo Brandon Sports Complex.

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