Caught on camera: Funnel cloud over DeQueen, AR

Caught on camera: Funnel cloud over DeQueen, AR

DEQUEEN, AR (KSLA) - There were some scary moments in DeQueen Sunday night as a funnel cloud passed over the southwest Arkansas city.

Gustavo Sanchez says they were in the middle of downtown DeQueen around 8:15 p.m. when they found themselves directly underneath the intimidating cloud formation.

According the Sevier County Sheriff's Office, the funnel cloud was first spotted by members of the DeQueen Fire Department near Horatio heading northeast.

The funnel is not believed to have touched down anywhere. Deputies are patrolling the area looking for damage, but so far none has been reported.

The storms did bring lightning, however, that took out the sheriff's office dispatch computers and radios.

As of 4 a.m. Monday, 911 calls were being routed to the Little River County Sheriff's Office, which is relaying emergency calls back to Sevier County by phone.

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