South Bossier mom questions whether bullying led to daughter's suicide

South Bossier mom questions whether bullying led to daughter's suicide

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - A Bossier City mom is searching for answers just days after finding her daughter lying lifeless in their home, allegedly as the result of a self-inflicted wound.

Kamil Robertson, 13, was found dead on Thursday night.

In 2011 Robbie McDonald and 15 year-old Danielle Cox took their lives. In 2013 13-year-old TZ Blanc and 17-year-old Katlin Loux resorted to suicide, and just one month ago 14-year-old Victoria Kornegay took her life.

Parents are wondering what needs to be done to make sure that teens in the South Bossier area no longer feel that ending their life is the only answer to their problems.

"What happened in her life at 13 that made her want to take her own life, said Rose Hopper, the mother of Kamil.

Hopper says she's dazed with questions.

"We were in the kitchen laughing, everything was fine. I go back to work, come home and my baby is gone," Hopper said. "What happened in three hours?"

She says the finality of it all hasn't quite set in yet.

"She's been my life since she was born. Seems like she should come bouncing through the door. It doesn't seem like she should be gone. It doesn't seem real," Hopper said.

For her it just isn't adding up.

"I've seen her sad or mopey, but nothing that I ever thought would make this happen," Hopper said.

Now she believes that something more may have been going on that her daughter wouldn't come to her about, especially since recently Kamil was talking more about being home schooled.

"Her grandparents were up last week, and she told them that (if) she did anything else she'd be expelled," Hopper said.

According to Hopper, Kamil was being picked on by another student a year ago in the 6th grade but stood up for herself by kicking the student. She was given in-school suspension however.

Hopper believes her daughter may have become the subject of ridicule once again, but this time she fears instead of speaking up, Kamil suffered in silence out of fear.

Hopper says according to some students at school, "some kids at school had called her goth (and) had called her a whore."

Hopper says many things have been brought to her attention in the past 48 hours.

At this point she says she doesn't fault the school, because she wasn't aware of any alleged name calling until now.

"We were always together, and I didn't know. How can you not see it? But I didn't see it," Hoppe said.

Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office says they are taking a very close and careful look into the teen's death.

Counselors were on campus at Elm Grove Middle School on Friday to help students through the difficult time.

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