125 pound alligator snapping turtle removed from Lakewood neighborhood

BENTON, LA (KSLA) - Firefighters helped wildlife agents wrangle a 125 pound alligator snapping turtle from a culvert in Benton's Lakewood subdivision on Friday.

The turtles are known for their powerful jaws and ridged shells similar to the rough-ridged skin of an alligator.

In addition to having a powerful bite, this particular turtle was reportedly causing damage to flower beds in the neighborhood.

First spotted in one person's yard on Monday, Bossier Fire District 4 Chief JT Wallace says the big turtle caused enough concern to prompt a call to the Bossier Sheriff's Office when it turned up in a nearby ditch Friday morning.

Firefighters were called in to assist agents with Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries with a tool Chief Wallace says they normally use to pull down plaster to grab the turtle by the shell and pull it out of the culvert.

"It did not want to come," Wallace says.

It reportedly took 4 men to haul the turtle into the back of a truck for transport to the Bodcau Wildlife Management area, where it was released.

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