Shreveport police officer saves small dog after pit bull attack

Shreveport police officer saves small dog after pit bull attack
Sergeant Clanton dotes on Buddy two weeks after he was attacked by another dog

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A little dog was mauled by a pit bull and left to die but thanks to a good Samaritan, who just happens to be a cop, the dog was rescued. Now, there is concern over what to do with the poodle mix.

Buddy was snatched from the jaws of the pit bull earlier this month. He is still in a veterinarian's care.

Three officers responded to the scene, and they sprung into action after the caller led them to a little dog covered in blood, cowering under her carport.

"When we looked at him, you could clearly see that his condition was critical. So we got a towel and a cardboard box and we brought him to the closest vet that we could," said Sergeant Saletha Clanton

Clanton said she responded to an animal complaint on Canal Boulevard exactly two weeks ago. When she got there, she found 3-year-old Buddy had been attacked by a pit bull.

Bites and puncture wounds, all over the malti-poo's small body.

"I was honestly praying the whole way here that he would make it. Cause I was scared that he wasn't going to. So I prayed the whole way," said Clanton.

"He was bleeding from several places, especially the neck wound, he had a jugular tear, but we were able to stop that. He's got - or he had multiple bite wounds," said Dr. Ratcliff with the Ratcliff Animal Hospital.

Buddy survived and is healing but not completely fixed up. He still has a fractured leg likely from being thrown to the ground by the owner of the pit bull. But he is on the mend thanks to his new friend in a police uniform.

"I want to give a shout out to Officer Clanton for being there and picking him up and getting him the care that he needs and even taking some of the financial responsibility for him, that's becoming less and less frequent in today's time," said Dr. Ratcliff.

Sergeant Clanton says she has gone to see Buddy every day she can to check on him, and she calls the animal hospital every day to check in, unlike the owners.

She is even chipped in as much money as she could, to help care for the pup. Some would say it is going above and beyond.

"In my opinion, it's the right thing to do. I couldn't walk away or just let him be euthanized or bleed to death. I would want someone to do that if one of my animals got out and got attacked," said Clanton.

Buddy's vet bills are now in the thousands of dollars. He is ready to go home but will need extensive care. We will keep you posted on Buddy's progress.

As for that pit bull, we are told animal control officers talked to its owner, but as far as we know, no citations were written.

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