911 tape reveals Bossier mother's shocking discovery

911 tape reveals Bossier mother's shocking discovery
Brandon and Jennifer Robison
Brandon and Jennifer Robison

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - That dreaded phone call. You're sitting at home, waiting on your kids to return. But then the phone suddenly rings. As a parent you fear the worse, a car crash.

But would it be any easier if you were there on scene when the crashed happened? Now one Bossier parent knows what that feels like first-hand.

"You just don't think when you stop to help, it's going to be your own kids," says Jennifer Robison.

And for the first few minutes after witnessing a car crash back on February 6, she had no clue.

"It sounded like a huge cannon going off. I heard this huge boom, and I saw a car go up in the air," adds Jennifer.

She and her husband Brandon were driving along LA 162 at around 9:30 at night, headed into Benton when they witnessed one car violently rear ending another, sending the car closest to them flying over the Cypress Lake bridge railing. As Brandon pulled over, Jennifer called 911.

"Somebody just drove off the bridge. And my husband ran down to try to see if he can help," begins Jennifer, explaining to the Bossier 911 dispatcher who immediately dispatched medics and police.

Despite her being able to clearly communicate where they were and what had just happened, you can clearly hear the panic in Jennifer's voice in the recording of the 911 call.

"Oh my God," exclaims Jennifer as she continues to process the scene and relay information to the 911 operator.

But then suddenly, the unexplainable.

"I remember seeing my daughter and thinking, 'Why is she here?'"

Jennifer can be heard on the 911 recording, telling someone to sit down and not to move. She was talking to her daughter MaryElla.

"I was just like, don't get in the way, sit down and don't move," adds Jennifer, who still to this point thought her daughter had driven up on the accident scene.

However in the seconds to follow, Jennifer would discover she was much more than just a witness to an accident. She was a mother.

As her husband climbed back up the hill from the shore next to Cypress Bayou, she noticed he was walking with a young man, with blood pouring down from his head. And her heartbreaking realization is then captured on the 911 recording.

"Ok, ok," continued Jennifer. Then she shockingly screams.

"It's my kids!"

You can hear the dispatcher asking, "Ma'am! What is wrong?" But Jennifer could hardly speak. She was overwhelmed with emotions and disbelief.

"I was like, 'Oh my God'. I couldn't even see his face. He was covered in blood, adds Jennifer.

"All I remember is hit and flip," explain Austin, Jennifer's son who was driving at the time. His sister MaryElla was in the passenger seat.

"I closed my eyes because I knew what was going to happen," says MaryElla. "I knew we were going to get hit," she adds, because she could see headlights in the rear view mirror, rushing up behind them.

"When we were in the air, it was kind of peaceful," MaryElla adds with a smile, somehow finding an unexpected but unique aspect to being hit from behind and shoved over a bridge railing.

"When we were flipping, every time we hit the ground," she adds, "I thought that would be the time we were going to be in the water."

They say seconds after the car came to a rest on it's side, they heard a voice.

"I heard my Dad's voice say, 'Stay where you are'," says Austin.

Both teens were banged up, but were treated and released from the hospital that night.

"It's just the biggest miracle ever, watching my kids walk out of something like that," says Jennifer.

"You always hope when my kids need me, I'll be there for them," she adds. "And in our case, we were. It's just crazy to think about the chances of that."

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