New road project proposed for Bossier City

New road project proposed for Bossier City

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - If you live in Bossier City or pass through it on your way to work, you're familiar with the traffic situation.

"Five o'clock traffic is terrible, 12 o'clock traffic is terrible," said Bossier City driver Demetrice Davis. "Even in the morning at seven o'clock it's really bad going back and forth to Bossier."

"It's very frustrating, especially during school times, school zones, you can get caught on Benton road horribly," said Jessica Williamson, who works in Bossier City.

Traffic congestion relief could be on the horizon with the "Parkway Northern Extension Project"

Bossier City Engineer Mark Hudson proposed the project that would allow people to move more easily along the river from North Bossier into downtown Shreveport.

"This project, generally speaking, would start at the intersection of traffic and Highway 80 where we left off with the improvements we made a few years ago near Margaritaville," said Hudson.

Hudson says this extension is part of a much larger project that's been going on since 2001.

"I like to use a baseball analogy and I'd say we're in the top of the fourth inning right now," said Hudson. "Using this method we're going to accomplish the project much quicker."

The proposed route would connect to Benton road between Scot's Audio and Green Acres Office Park. To begin the project, Hudson is asking the city council for $2.5 million.

"That $2.5 million came out of our river boat gaming and capital projects fund," he said.

But, $2.5 million is not the cost of the entire project, that's just to get it started.

Hudson says the construction will not displace any residents or business owners.

"We've already visited with a couple of the adjacent property owners, they're very receptive to the project so we don't envision displacing anybody or making anybody extremely unhappy with what we propose to do," he said.

The next step is for Bossier City Council to approve the $2.5 million proposal.

"It should be a done deal in four weeks or so," said Hudson.

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