Family members speak out after 21-year-old killed

Family members speak out after 21-year-old killed

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Family members are speaking out after a fight between two former friends turned deadly. Before there was bloodshed between 21-year old Gabrielle Cooper and 19-year old Brittany McGill, there was a family bond.

"They were real good friends," said Cooper's aunt, Cassandra Cooper. "They've been knowing each other ever since childhood."

Gabby Cooper and Brittany McGill had a special bond. They were friends since childhood and even into their teens. Cooper's mother, Joyce, says she didn't even know the two were at odds.

"They were friends, I didn't even know they were into it," said Cooper.

But over the years, friends say the girls grew apart. Monday, that friendship turned into a fight, apparently fueled over a car. Police say 19-year-old McGill stabbed her former friend in the chest, killing her.

"It was Gabby's car but it was in Brittney's name," said Joyce Cooper.

"Why'd it have to end like this? Behind a car? And all she wanted was her car back," said Cassandra Cooper. "I feel like they could of stopped it, or call the police before it even started."

Adding to this family's sadness, neighbors say the fight between the girls was being recorded on cell phones by several witnesses.

"Why video something like that. That could of been a family member of yours," said Cooper.

Now, two families' lives are changed forever, and three young children are forced to grow up without their mother.

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