Texarkana city leaders to fight federal government on landmark post office

Texarkana city leaders to fight federal government on landmark post office

Texarkana city leaders on both sides of the state line are gearing up to fight the federal government over the possible relocation of a city landmark that they say makes their city unique.

The first stop on the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce driving tour is at 5th Street and State Line Avenue at the post office which is the only United States Post Office located in two states.

"That is literally where our two cities come together by the state line traveling through the center of that building," says Texarkana, Texas Mayor Bob Bruggeman.

But the driving tour may soon be out of date as plans are in progress to move the post office out of the Texarkana Federal Building.

"Well this is a landmark building, why would you want to change the nature of the building?" asks Texarkana resident Peggy Flens.

Flens reflected the attitude of others we talked with as they came to conduct postal business.

"Personally, I would prefer that they would leave this building. The history of it, the nostalgia of it," says another Texarkana resident Scott Coon.

U.S. Postal Service Public Affairs Officer McKinney Boyd says the General Service Administration is requesting the move to provide more space in the building for the U.S. Marshal and other federal court business.

"We will do all we can to remain in downtown Texarkana, Arkansas. That is our number one goal," explains Boyd.

Mayor Bruggeman said he and Texarkana, Arkansas Mayor Ruth Bell have begun working to stop the proposed move.

"It's our signature. I think they ought to keep it there," says Texarkana resident Jody Harmon.

"We certainly are comfortable where we are but it is the wish of the GSA," says Boyd.

Unless something changes, the postal services in the Texarkana Federal Building will end by June of 2016. The General Service Administration is responsible for the maintenance and operation of federal buildings.

KSLA News 12 contacted their regional office and were told they would check into the matter.

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