SPAR: 'Vandals destroying parks is ongoing problem'

SPAR: 'Vandals destroying parks is ongoing problem'
Vandals strike at A.C. Steere Park in Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Shreveport Public Assembly and Recreation (SPAR) is cleaning up a mess at A.C. Steere Park after vandals destroyed the restrooms.

A viewer sent pictures to KSLA News 12's Facebook page over the weekend. The pictures show broken windows, mirrors and alcohol bottles.

SPAR says this is an ongoing problem not only at A.C. Steere Park but other parks in the city.

Randy Stephenson takes his two-year-old son Emmanuel to the A.C. Steere park two to three times a week.

"This is actually one of the best parks to come to in the Shreveport area, that's why I always bring my son here, he loves it just as much as I do," said Stephenson.

So when he heard how vandals recently broke the windows of the bathroom, he was upset.

"It's messing up the park, it's messing up the facilities, it's making the park a whole lot less fun for the kids. You know I want to bring my son out here to have a good time, not to see graffiti and vandalism all over the walls," said Stephenson.

According to SPAR, there have been several cases of vandalism, costing SPAR thousands of dollars.

"It's disheartening. It saddens us that it's happening, because when we spend money fixing things that people vandalize, it takes away from programming dollars where we could do other fun, exciting things for our citizens," said Shelly Ragle, the director of SPAR.

SPAR sent us pictures of some of the damage to bathrooms at A.C. Steere, some of it dating back to 2013. The vandalism ranges from breaking doors and hooks off the walls, to flooding.

"We have bathrooms in a lot of our other facilities, and we have not experienced the kind of destruction we're experiencing at A.C. Steere," said Ragle.

SPAR says there are cameras at the park, but they cannot have cameras inside the bathrooms. They want the vandalism to stop, so people can enjoy their time at the park. Stephenson agrees.

"I want my son to be in a clean, safe environment, and he can't get that if there is vandalism everywhere, it just ruins our day," said Stephenson.

SPAR has since boarded up the windows and are planning for repairs.

Anyone with information about this crime is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 318-673-7373 or

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