University Health has responded to a report done for LSU saying the privatization deal struck for the university's Shreveport hospital threatens the health of the nearby medical school.

ECG Management Consultants reviewed the relationship between the LSU Health Sciences Center at Shreveport and the foundation, which runs the hospitals as University Health.

The consultants' report says the relationship places the medical school "at risk."

"Clearly if these findings were material, we feel certain; LSU would have shared the report with us sooner," University Health said in a statement released Friday.

The statement says the report is no cause for alarm, adding that University Health has met the mission of privatization by improving access and wait times and saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

"For our LSU medical school partner, we have successfully met all financial obligations and are current on all payments. We have worked collaboratively with LSU physicians to advance the stature of both institutions in our business development and marketing," the statement said.

The statement went on to say that those who work daily on the LSU-University Health collaboration tend to see a very different picture than those watching from outside.

"At 18 months into the partnership, the transition is a rapid evolution that is progressing every day, and whatever opinions may have been expressed six months ago when the ECG report was conducted are not necessarily valid today. We look forward to reviewing the report so that we can respond more specifically," the statement said.

Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration turned over control of LSU's Shreveport and Monroe hospitals to the Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana in October 2013.

University Health's CEO stepped down two weeks ago, and the system confirmed that 13 employees were laid off Friday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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