Qualls returns to speak at Huntington

Qualls returns to speak at Huntington

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Not even a week ago he was leading his team to possible spot in the NCAA Sweet 16, Thursday, Shreveport's Michael Qualls was back in the Port City.

The Arkansas guard returned to his alma mater Huntington High School to speak to the student body. The former Raider shared his path from Huntington all to the way to help leading Arkansas to its first NCAA Tournament berth since 2008.

Qualls stressed the importance of image, carrying yourself with respect but most of all the value of an education with the students.

"Use your education while you can. It's free and I'm trying to get that point across that without your education, all this other stuff like when they seem me on tv, its not impossible," said Qualls.

Qualls is junior at Arkansas and says he hasn't made a choice on whether or not to head to the NBA just yet.

"I haven't really put any thought into it yet, I was just coming here to get a mental break this week. All that stuff is going to be there when I get back to school and we'll be able to sit down and make decisions on my future. For now it's just lovely to come home."