Similar accidents, different results: Cable barriers save lives

Heartbroken mothers push for cable barriers to save lives
This 2012 cross over crash killed 2, eventually leading to cable barriers on I-20
This 2012 cross over crash killed 2, eventually leading to cable barriers on I-20

BOSSIER - WEBSTER PARISH - Cable barriers is the difference between life and death, at least according to one group of teens from Shreveport.

"Oh my God. This could have been, should have been so much worse," says 18-year-old Charity Gregory.

Gregory was in the backseat of a car, chatting away with her two friends in the front seat, when their car left the roadway on I-20 in Webster Parish and crossed the grassy median. However, their lives were spared when median cable barriers snagged their car and prevented it from entering into oncoming traffic.

"We were sitting in the ambulance, waiting to go to the hospital and it hit me, that this really happened," adds Gregory.

"She gets to live the rest of her life," says Kelly Hatfield.

Hatfield's daughter was killed in a very similar accident along I-20 back in 2012. Her daughter Megan was one of two teens killed in a cross over wreck.

"She [Charity] gets to graduate from high school. She gets to hopefully get married and have children of her own," Hatfield tearfully points out, all moments in a lifetime her daughter never got to do.

Since her daughter's death, Hatfield teamed up with other mothers whose children have either been killed or critically injured in cross over wrecks and began a major push to have cable barriers installed across Northwest Louisiana and eventually the entire state.

Gregory reached out to Hatfield on Facebook with a post thanking her for her hard work to get cable barriers installed.

"I'm so thankful the Lord is allowing me and these two wonderful girls to walk away from this and live to see another day," posted Gregory on Facebook.

She went on to write how grateful she and her friends are to Hatfield, her late daughter Megan, and the many others who fought for cable barriers.

"It made me smile. It made me happy that all of this hard work we've done that last two and a half years for the cable barriers actually proved what the fight was for, to save lives", says Hatfield.

A new report that studies the 3132 Inner Loop, around South and Southwest Shreveport, is now complete. Last year, KSLA News 12 detailed how deadly the Inner Loop had been in a small 12 month period, including a head-on fatality that claimed the life of Casey Colley.

A DOTD spokesperson says they haven't determined yet on whether the report suggests cable barriers to be installed on the Inner Loop.

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