Hope man credits deputy for his rescue from rain-swollen creek

Hope man credits deputy for his rescue from rain-swollen creek

HEMPSTEAD CO., AR (KSLA) - A Hope, AR man says a local deputy showed up just in the nick of time when his car ended up in a fast-moving creek.

Chris Nelson of Hope was driving on U.S. Highway 67 north of Hope when he lost control of his SUV and ended up in Pate Creek.

"I am lucky," says Nelson. "I am glad the kids were not in the vehicle with me."

Nelson said he was unconscious and when he woke up, there was water over the hood.

A fence along the creek bed held the SUV for a short period of time, but when water began to flow through the windows, the vehicle quickly began to sink. By then, emergency crews were on the scene and Hempstead County Sheriff's Deputy Gary Dorman was calling to him.

"He said, 'Jump out,' I jumped out and started swimming and he swam and met me halfway and pulled me in from that raging rapid right there," Nelson recalls.

Both Nelson and Deputy Dorman made it to the bank of the creek without any injuries.

"You know these deputies don't get paid enough to do these things not near enough to put their lives on the line for the people of this town and this county," Nelson says.

Sheriff James Singleton says Deputy Dorman's actions are a credit, not only to the sheriff's office, "but law enforcement as a whole."

Dorman has been with the Hempstead County Sheriff's Department for 7 years.

Nelson's SUV is still in the creek.

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