School board votes to close Karnack High School

Karnack ISD School Board to determine fate of high school

KARNACK, TX (KSLA) - An East Texas high school will be closing at the end of this school year.

Karnack High School officials announced earlier this week that they were in the discussion phase of possibly closing the school and Thursday evening, school board members voted unanimously to close the school.

Karnack ISD Superintendent Cozzetta Robinson told KSLA News 12 that the decision to talk about closing the school comes after steady decrease in enrollment. Currently, Karnack High School only has 27 students in grades 9-12.

Kelsea Jackson, a 14 year old freshman at Karnack High School recalled, "I was sad at first because I have a lot of memories at Karnack and I've been here since Headstart."

According to Superintendent Robinson, the high school has been 'in the red' for a second year in a row. In fact, this year alone it's expected to lose $150, 000.  So, according to Robinson they could probably operate the school for another two and a half years. But, by then their savings account would be down to almost nothing.

While exact plans surrounding the vote have not been released, one option Robinson voiced is that the students will likely be relocated to neighboring districts such as Marshall, Jefferson or Waskom, Texas.

But closing the high school means letting go of a dozen or so teachers and re-assigning a few others to the grade school which will then have students up to 8th grade.

Not everybody was sold on the idea of closing Karnack High School.

"Yes, there are some people that don't want it to close.  I for one am one of these people. I don't want it to close," said Amanda Bramlett, a science teacher at Karnack High School.

Bramlett admitted it's difficult not to get emotional about the closure. She graduated from KHS in 1997.

"I did and I was proud to be from here. I am proud to be from here."

But after 76 years, that legacy will soon end when the school year ends at Karnack High School this spring.

Plans surrounding the closure have not been released.

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