Companies cashing in on canned oxygen

Companies cashing in on canned oxygen

You have heard of flavored water, so how about flavored oxygen? It comes in a can and some believe just a few puffs can leave you feeling renewed. Canned Oxygen and it has become popular, especially for athletes.

Companies like Oxygen Plus, Boost Oxygen, Oxygen 4 Energy and O-2 Naked Air are getting in on the craze, selling the canned oxygen online, in specialty stores and spas. Just spray them into your mouth or nostrils while you inhale.

When Jeffery Portis gets a headache while skiing, he says a can of oxygen helps alleviate the altitude sickness.

"You no longer have the headache. You don't feel like you have a little bit more energy than maybe you did before, says Portis."

All that from inhaling a couple cans of spray but, what exactly is in the can. Christine Warren of Oxygen Plus says it is a more "enhanced" Oxygen.

"Ambient air, which we breathe every day, 21 percent oxygen," says Warren. "You have increased energy and you feel better. Oxygen is the next bottled water."

Some come in flavors like peppermint or pink grapefruit. They're promoted for recreational use only to help ease altitude sickness, headaches and jet lag. These companies also claim they give you a reboot after an aerobic workout, and some claim a "tough night out on the town." Brands say the relief you find is similar to taking a gulp of water after feeling dehydrated but Dr. Mark Green with the National Headache Foundation disagrees.

"The evidence is fairly weak. Even if the effect is had, it tends to be short-lived because there's not very much oxygen in these containers," says Dr. Green.

These are not medical devices. You don't need a prescription to buy canned oxygen and the FDA does not regulate them. Dr. Green says canned oxygen may have some limited value with altitude sickness and hangovers but they shouldn't replace traditional medicine.

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