Severe Weather Awareness Week: Flooding

(KSLA) - Today's Severe Weather Awareness Week topic is Flooding. It's a familiar topic here in the ArkLaTex with our many rivers and bayous. Of all the weather dangers we experience, flooding is probably the most survivable. Despite that, however, flooding ranks near the top of the list of weather related killers.

The time frame over which flooding occurs can vary greatly. For larger rivers, flooding is usually a process that takes days to develop. The smaller the river or tributary, the quicker it can occur. In the case of a Flash Flood, water levels can rise to dangerous levels in as little as minutes to an hour.

If flooding is occurring or expected to occur in your area, move to higher ground. If you are doing any recreational activities near a waterway, or live within the flood plain of a river or stream, it's important to stay alert to weather conditions that could lead to rising waters and have a plan to evacuate in the event of flooding.

The National Weather Service has a slogan known as "Turn Around, Don't Drown", which highlights the dangers of driving through flooded roadways. Nearly half of all flood related deaths occur in vehicles. In as little as 12" to 18" most cars will start to float. If that water is moving it can start to move the car. Often the vehicle will turn on it's side trapping people inside and washing them downstream. If you encounter a flooded road, turn around and find a different route to your destination.

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