Confessed killer settles in to secluded life in S. LA

A killer among us
Phillip Deselle lives on 150 acres on Feaster Rd.
Phillip Deselle lives on 150 acres on Feaster Rd.
Special restrictions listed by the Louisiana Parole
Special restrictions listed by the Louisiana Parole
Averie Evans disappeared while selling cookies. Her body has never been found.
Averie Evans disappeared while selling cookies. Her body has never been found.

EVANGELINE PARISH (KSLA) - A confessed child killer is out of prison, and parents living in the South Louisiana neighborhood where he lives following his release are on edge.

In January, KSLA News 12 told you about Phillip Deselle's early release from prison. Deselle was convicted of aggravated kidnapping and manslaughter in the death of 11-year-old Averie Evans in Natchitoches in 1990. Averie disappeared after going door to door selling candy. Her body has never been found.

Deselle was released early on good behavior after serving less than half of his 50-year sentence.  In a KSLA News 12 investigation, we tracked down where Deselle now supposedly lives. It is a road that has always been a mystery for people living in Evangeline Parish. Every day, hundreds of cars pass Feaster Road in Bayou Chicot just outside of Ville Platte, but nobody really knows what's back there until our investigation revealed the 150 acres of land on the property. 

Property tax records show the land is owned by a man named John Feaster. According to the Evangeline Parish Tax Assessor, one of the homes on the property is where Deselle has registered to live. His address is listed on the U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender public website.  

We tried to find Deselle at the home on Feaster Road, but our crews were met with a "Do Not Enter" sign. We also reached out to family members and his in-laws, with no success. We also tried to reach out to property owner, John Feaster to find his connection to Phillip Deselle. He never returned our calls, but people living nearby say Feaster is a man that stays to himself, hidden behind the nearly 150 acres of overgrown brush on his property. 

We also didn't get any answers from the Evangeline County Courthouse after waiting 2 hours for District Attorney Trent Brignac.

Becky Latour lives nearby and said, "Where's the justice?"  

Latour has held meetings and passed out notices to remind others of Deselle living in their neighborhood. Deselle confessed to killing Averie and claimed to have dumped her body in the dumpster at a local boat ramp, but her remains have never been found. 

"Study his face and be able to recognize him anywhere," says Alicia Fontenot says.

Fotenot lives about five miles from Bayou Chicot, in Turkey Creek. She and nearly 100 of her neighbors fought to keep the confessed killer out of their community. Neighbors say at one point, they believed Deselle was going to live with his family in Turkey Creek.

Alicia and many others fear if Deselle is given the opportunity, he will strike again.

Alicia says, "I pray that he can refrain from hurting any of our children."  

As a registered child predator, the Louisiana Parole Board has placed Deselle under special conditions. He is required to wear GPS monitor around the clock and he cannot leave Evangeline Parish without approval of his parole officer. His curfew is 6 p.m. until 6 a.m., and he must go through sex offender counseling. State law also states Deselle must stay at least 1,000 feet away from schools, day cares and any public place for children.

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