DNA from Michigan family to be compared with Bossier Doe's DNA

DNA from Michigan family to be compared with Bossier Doe's DNA

The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office attempt to solve a 34 year old cold case murder recently included the creation of a Facebook page for the victim, “Bossier Doe”.

For investigators who wanted to identify the victim whose decomposed body was found in Princeton Louisiana in 1981, the social media experiment seemed like a long shot, but one worth taking.

“Someone loved her, someone is missing her,” said Dave Faulk, a Bossier Parish investigator.

The newly created Facebook page featured a sketch - a composite drawing of what Bossier Doe might have looked like.

“It was just goose bumps,” said Jeanie Phelps on the phone from Michigan. That's her reaction to seeing a sketch of “Bossier Doe” next to a picture of her older sister Carol Ann Cole from 1978.

Jeanie has been searching for Carol Ann since the 80's after Carol Ann and their mother moved to San Antonio Texas, then Carol Ann ran away.

“We were kind of tossed around as kids, other than grandmother nobody really gave us what children need,” said Jeanie.

Jeanie stayed behind in Michigan with her grandma.

“I wish she could have just stayed because I didn't want to go,” said Jeanie.

Jeanie says her sister eventually moved away from her mom and possibly to Shreveport.

“She would write letters and make phone calls in the 80's the phone calls just ceased,” said Jeanie.

That communication stopped around the same time Bossier Doe was discovered.

“When grandma got the bill she called the number back and the couple says they had taken her in because she was on the streets, and she would watch their children, and one day she up and left and never returned,” said Jeanie.

When asked if she thinks Bossier Doe and Carol Ann Cole are the same person, Jeanie responds “I think it's a very strong possibility.”

The composite drawing by the FACES lab in Baton Rouge was an attempt by the Bossier Sheriff's Office to heat up the cold case by getting the picture seen by those in other states.

“She had been stabbed to death, we know that,” said Bossier Detective Shannon Mack while standing near a private driveway that used to be a public road called Johnson Road.

The Facebook page not only featured the sketch, it also shows pictures of Bossier Doe's shoes found at the scene.

“We posted those shoes hoping maybe someone would recognize them,' said Bossier Detective Dave Faulk.

“That was the type of shoes she wore before she ever went there,” said Phelps.

But there is one similarity that really stands out for Cole's family. Investigators believe Bossier Doe removed her own braces.

“I vaguely remember after they left someone said she popped them off in the U-Haul on their way down there,” said Phelps.

Bossier detectives have asked Jeanie's family for DNA samples to compare to the DNA profile of the young girl found 34 years ago.

“At least we would have that closure, and know she's with my grandparents in heaven that's all I can say,” said Phelps.

The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office sent DNA test kits to Cole's family. Phelps said the samples were taken yesterday from her parents and have been sent to the lab.  A comparison of their DNA will provide proof whether Bossier Doe is actually Carol Ann Cole.

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