Remains of MIA SWAR man lost in Vietnam identified

Remains of MIA SWAR man lost in Vietnam identified

GUERNSEY, AR (KSLA) - A 47-year wait is over for a southwest Arkansas family.

The remains of a local soldier who disappeared during the Vietnam War have now been identified. Sergeant James William Holt was listed as "missing in action" (MIA) for nearly five decades but that will soon change after the discovery of his remains in Vietnam.

"I have worn this bracelet ever since he came up missing" says Sgt. Holt's brother George Holt.

It has long been a tradition to proudly wear the bracelet of soldiers listed as MIA but for George Holt of Guernsey, Arkansas, he is glad to remove his bracelet.

"His daughter will receive this bracelet in Washington, D.C." says George Holt.

Sgt. James Holt was listed as MIA on February 7, 1968 in Vietnam. Sgt. Holt was a medic assigned to Company C, 5th Special Forces Group.

Last month, his family was notified the remains were recovered and positively identified as Sgt. Holt.

"It is a relief yes sir when we finally put the remains in the casket and in the ground" says George Holt.

Family members of the soldier say only 12 people survived that attack when the enemy used tanks in battle for the first time.

Sgt. Holt is one of eight soldiers listed as MIA on the Korea Vietnam memorial in Texarkana. The Texarkana chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America Plan to further honor Sgt. Holt at a special memorial service on February 7, exactly 47 years from the date of his death.

"So his family can get some closure and us too because he is kind of a brother to us although I have never met him. We care about him and his family" says Gregory Beck, President of the Texarkana Chapter of Vietnam Veterans.

Details of the memorial are still being worked out.

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