Drivers concerned about potholes on Buncombe Road

Drivers concerned about potholes on Buncombe Road

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - City crews were out working on patching potholes on Buncombe Road Wednesday and Thursday, according to Stan Harris with Public Works. We did find some patch work already done, and Harris says that the road is scheduled to be re-paved sometime this spring.

After taking a call about potholes becoming "trenches" on Buncombe Road we decided to take a ride out there and see just how bad it really is.

Everyday Jonathan McClinton takes his daughter to Evangel High School, and everyday that means a drive he dreads on Buncombe Road. 

"It's terrible, you know. Just yesterday going up Buncombe Road I almost hit a giant pothole right in the middle of the street," said McClinton.

McClinton said as he was coming home later that evening, someone had tried to help the situation by putting a warning sign up near that pothole. 

McClinton has lived off Bumcombe Road for nearly a decade and says it's always been this way. Now, he's questioning where his tax money is being spent. 

"I've been paying taxes out here for about 7-8 years to the parish and I don't know what the parish is doing with my money. Obviously they're not fixing the roads" says McClinton.

We did reach out to Robert Glass, the Director of Public Works for Caddo Parish, and he said that this area of Buncombe doesn't belong to them because it's actually inside the city limits. Buncombe Road is confusing as far as where the city lines are drawn, especially where McClinton lives. The road winds in and out of the city and the parish.

Shreveport City Public Works Director Stan Harris says that he will have a crew out within the next 24 hours to look at the road and hopefully fill some of the holes.

Regardless if it's the city or Parish, McClinton just wants it fixed.

"I'd love to see a new road," says McClinton.

He is concerned about more weather coming in and possibly making the holes worse since he knows rain can dig the holes deeper. 

"If you don't fix it when it costs $20, it's going to end up costing $2,000."

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