Community elves bring Christmas cheer to pair of boys

Community elves bring Christmas cheer to pair of boys

HOMER, LA (KSLA) - "I didn't think she was ready so that is why I was willing to trade my life for hers" says Lisa Hunter's son A'marrion.

The 10-year-old son of a Homer murder victim says all he wants for Christmas is his mother back and the heartfelt plea caught the attention of an entire community.

Last month, Lisa Hunter died after being doused with gasoline and set on fire. Sam Wyrick, is charged in her in death.

This is the first Christmas that the family will spend without their loved one. Hunter promised her youngest son an Xbox, a gift that he decided wouldn't be under the tree now that his mother is gone. But, a few local elves made sure his wish was still fulfilled.

After losing his mother last month as a result of a brutal attack A'marrion had a change of heart.

"I'd like to exchange my life for my mama's," said A'marrion.

His selflessness caught the attention of many. The interest in making this Christmas special for the young boy took off following a Facebook post by one of the co-founders of Team Wade.

"I dropped to my knees and I prayed and I put it on Facebook. I don't know what happened, but I came back and I got on my Facebook page and oh my God the only thing I could say is But God," said Brenda Harris.

The support kept pouring in not only for A'marrion but also for his older brother Marquis Aubrey.

"A lot going on in the world. It's a bad world so for people to take time out of their day to help us and our situation. It's a blessing," said Marquis.

The pair received clothes, shoes and even a cell phone. Team Wade says the boys have more gifts coming their way.

"People are still calling me telling me that they're donating," said Harris.

All in effort to give back to a pair of boys that have maintained selflessness in the face of tragedy.

"I've done everything I could do and I wanted to. Her life was probably going to come to an end but I didn't think she was ready so that is why I was willing to trade my life for hers," said A'marrion.

Getting his Christmas wish granted won't bring his mother back, but A'marrion still managed to hand out hugs.

The Rent-A-Center in Minden donated the Xbox 360 along with plenty of games and controllers for the brothers to enjoy a little video game therapy.

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