Mayor-elect Ollie Tyler outlines her top priorities for Shreveport

Mayor-elect Ollie Tyler outlines her top priorities for Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - In her first televised appearance since being elected mayor of Shreveport, Ollie Tyler stopped by the KSLA News 12 studio to discuss some of the top priorities on her list.

Tyler, who will be sworn in later this month as Shreveport's first African American woman mayor, said she's focusing on economic development and fixing the city's infrastructure. She said she has met with city council members and will be working with them to get bonds issued to fix Shreveport's streets.

Tyler said she's also working with the Downtown Development Authority and plans to to help give investors tax breaks.

"I think it's crucial for us, to become a thriving city, that we do redevelop and revitalize Downtown," she said.

Tyler said she has assembled a transition team that will help her select her staff and reach out to city employees.

"This team, I think, is a very dynamic team," she added.

Tyler said she and her team are looking at the organization of city staff and will more than likely be restructuring it to be more "effective and efficient." She said one of the first things she plans on doing is hiring an economic development specialist to help develop a strategic plan and solely focus on bettering the city's economy. She added that she feels prepared to face the city's challenges.

"I see those challenges as opportunities," Tyler said.

She said she has met with each city department head and asked them to give her the top five priorities of their departments in writing. She asked that they put their challenges in writing as well.

"So I will be going back to them right after the inauguration, going to every department to meet employees to have that conversation, to talk about expectations, and, of course, those persons who have worked with me down through the years know that we do have high expectations," Tyler said.

"We will be holding everybody accountable. I'll hold myself accountable, but we'll hold everybody else accountable," she added.

Tyler will be sworn in at 10 a.m. December 27 at the Shreveport Convention Center.

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