SPD detective given 45 days to re-work lawsuit against police chief

SPD detective given 45 days to re-work lawsuit against police chief

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport detective claims he was wrongly removed from a case and placed on patrol. Rod Demery has a lawsuit filed against the city and his boss, Shreveport Police Chief, Willie Shaw.

Back on August 19, 2014, Detective Rod Demery argued in a lawsuit filed at the Caddo Parish Courthouse that Chief Shaw retaliated against him during his investigation into fire station 8, in which several firefighters were charged with playing cruel pranks on a mentally challenged men. Demery claimed that the retaliation was for his investigation into possible corruption within the police department during that investigation.

Thursday, the city of Shreveport and Demery's attorney, Carlos Prudhome went back to court for more arguments.

The city said that the Civil Service Board should be addressing Demery's complaint instead of the district court.

The judge gave Demery and his attorney, Carlos Prudhome 45 days to re-work their lawsuit to allow that part of the process to be carried out.

It's a move Demery agrees with.

"I think that is absolutely appropriate. It also gives us time to fine tune some of the issues in there that might have been a little vague," said Demery.

The Civil Service Board is set to address Demery's complaint on February 11, 2015. A decision will be made and Demery can either appeal it or accept it.

Demery also claims he's a whistle blower and the civil service board will not have jurisdiction over that.

Prudhome explained that part of the case is different and it can't be heard by the board.

"So it's not necessarily that it's the fact that it's the transfer, but it's the retaliation for the actions taken," said Demery.

After the court proceedings Demery told KSLA News 12 that the whistle-blower portion of the suit remains in district court, and the judge is still set to hear it.

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