Vigil honoring Alicia West attracts large crowd

Vigil honoring Alicia West attracts large crowd

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - With candles in hand, dozens of people turned out for a vigil in Shreveport meant to honor Alicia West's life and also raise awareness for domestic violence.

West was fatally stabbed at her home around 4:30 a.m. December 6th. Police say her ex-boyfriend Kelvin Brown II did it, just two weeks after West successfully obtained a protective order against Brown in Bossier Parish. Brown has been charged with second degree murder and is being held on an $800,000.00 bond.

"I'm really sad that she is gone," West's son Anthony said with tears streaming down his face, as he stood in front of the huge crowd gathered at the Duck Pond Park in Shreveport.

Anthony told KSLA News 12, he spoke publicly because he wanted to get a message out to everyone.

"I want to tell everybody that I really know everyone misses my mommy, but we all have to be brave," Anthony said. 

The vigil was organized by West's Captain Shreve High School graduating class of 1999. Alicia's longtime classmate Gwendolyn Jones says the turnout is a reflection of how much she was loved.

"Alicia was quiet, humble, beautiful, sweet, had a bunch of ambition. She was never mean to anyone. We love her," said Jones.

According to Jones, they wanted to use the event as a way to also raise awareness about domestic violence. Theresa Donald attended the vigil and appreciates the effort, she lost her sister Gwen Salley to domestic violence earlier this year.

"It was very good to know that the community and society is hopefully waking up, that this is real," says Donald. "It could be happening to them, it could happen to their sister, it could happen to anyone."

Anthony says talking about his mom, helps him feel better.

"Even though my momma is gone, I know I can tell people how I'm feeling."

Family members thanked everyone at the vigil for the support and asked for continued prayers.

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