Shreveport City Council passes amendment to close portion of Lake Street

Shreveport City Council passes amendment to close portion of Lake Street

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - An amendment to close a portion of Lake Street in downtown Shreveport has passed.

The Shreveport City Council voted 7-0 on the amendment on Monday.

Council members call it a "win win" for business owners and the hotel because trains that pass through, won't have to blow their horn.

"The hotel is putting up half the cost for the crossing so it's a win win, everybody pulled together and we thank the mayor and the councilmen who have helped us reach this accommodation to hopefully better the business of Shreveport" says Downtown Shreveport Hotel's attorney Robert Dunlap.

A proposal to close the portion of roadway that runs alongside Sci-Port and the hotel formally known as the Holiday Inn was submitted in late October 2014. According to Shreveport Interim City Engineer Robert Westerman, the reason for the closure is that surrounding businesses say the train blowing its horn is a nuisance.

According to Mayor Glover, the owners of the downtown Shreveport hotel requested a study to be done to address the train horn problems. In the study, the city found that 14 trains cross the intersection per day and are required by federal law to honk their horns several times. In order to make that train crossing a "blow free" zone, it would cost about $700,000 to meet safety requirements. It would also take up to three years to transform it into that type of zone, says Westerman.

Westerman says the study found 1,200 cars pass through Lake Street in one direction and 1,300 cars in another direction daily, but that doesn't account for if those cars are passing through the exact portion that will be closed.

A leader from the Downtown Shreveport Hotel says part of the reason they lost their Holiday Inn franchise is because so many people complained about the issue of horn noise.

The Shreveport City Council has not yet announced exactly when the portion of Lake Street will close.

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