ETX police on look-out for 4-legged suspect accused of wrecking flower shop

ETX police on look-out for 4-legged suspect accused of wrecking flower shop

TEXARKANA, TX (KSLA) - Texarkana, Texas police searched a Pleasant Grove neighborhood for a suspect that broke into a Texarkana business. The suspect is described as having four legs and antlers.

For Judy Vaughn and Karen Hale, what started as a routine day at Pleasant Grove Florist, changed just after 10:00 Wednesday morning.

The deer ran through the front glass of the florist. Judy and Karen say the buck remained in the store for about two minutes before they could get him out.

"He went to the back door first but it wasn't opened and then he came back into the flower shop to the front door and that is where I was trying to get him out" says Judy.

"We were panicking. We were all going every which way. It was running through every room in here falling down and hitting walls" says Karen.

With the help of another store employee, the women were able to set the deer free through the back door of the building.

The ladies say that through all of this, the only damage done was the broken front glass window but a bloody mess was left behind.

"My husband didn't believe me when I called him. He kept saying 'what'? It was the craziest thing I've ever seen really" says Judy.

The Texas Wildlife Officer said they believe the buck saw his reflection in the glass and thought it was another buck and began to attack.

No human injuries were reported. The extent of the deer's injuries are unknown.

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