Contractor nightmare: Unlicensed and on the run

Contractor nightmare: Unlicensed and on the run

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Being unlicensed and on the run from state officials hasn't stopped a Shreveport man who continues to advertise his services as a contractor.

"I'm embarrassed I fell for it," says a Bossier City woman who didn't want to be identified. "He told me everything I needed to hear," she adds.

She needed two gates installed on the sides of her home, and she says her aggressive research on United Fence and Security turned up nothing.  But we've learned the reason why she didn't find anything on 'Ray Davis' or United.  It's because Mr. Davis uses multiple personal names and business names.

A year ago, KSLA News 12's Doug Warner filed multiple reports on Dennis Davis and his multiple companies, Affordable Construction, Affordable Concrete and Affordable Fencing.

"In the last 3 years, we've had 24 complaints again them," Andy Fisher with the Better Business Bureau said a year ago.

Mr. Davis' latest alleged victim had no idea this was the same Mr. Davis who owns and operates Affordable, which has a F rating with the BBB and who the Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors has been after since 2011.

"The next day he started on the gates, he wanted $900 cash," adds the Bossier City woman.  "I should have known then it's a red flag."

She not only paid the $900, but right at $2,000 for two gates made from the wrong wood, horribly painted, and being held up by posts buried in a very small amount of concrete.

Her repeated attempts to get Davis to come back out and re-do his work eventually stretched into 7 weeks, before she finally gave up hope on Davis returning to complete the work.

We took our investigation to the Licensing Board for Contractors in Baton Rouge.

"Trying to serve these people, it's difficult.  They know how to hide," says executive director Michael McDuff.

After attempting to serve Davis for 3 years, the board successfully tracked him down and served him earlier this month.  He's scheduled to appear in Baton Rouge for a hearing on November 19.  But there is no guarantee he'll appear.

"In contracting licensing law, we have no arrest powers," explains McDuff.

However, McDuff does admit a pattern of poor quality work and customer relations could turn this civil case into a criminal one.  

"Cases are handed off to local law enforcement, the Department of Insurance and the Attorney General all the time."

We contacted Davis by phone, but he declined our offers for an interview and hung up.

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