Tied council vote defeats latest proposal to fix Shreveport streets

Tied council vote defeats latest proposal to fix Shreveport streets

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The latest effort to pass a plan to fix Shreveport city streets has skidded to a stop once again before the Shreveport City Council.

In a 3-to-3 vote, the Shreveport City Council killed a funding plan to fix city roads. District A councilwoman Rose Wilson-McCulloch, Jeff Everson of District B, and Ron Webb of District E voted in favor of the ordinance.

District C Councilman Oliver Jenkins, Joe Shyne of District F, and Sam Jenkins of District G vote against the measure.

District D Councilman, Michael Corbin, was absent .With no tie-breaker, the proposal died.

The ordinance would have had the council applying for $74 million-worth of bonds to pay for the street repairs. A handful of concerned residents spoke in favor of the measure, as well as Mayor Cedric Glover. Nobody from the general public spoke out against it.

"I just think it is ridiculous," said concerned resident Sammy Mears. "It is inappropriate and unacceptable when they keep voting the way they are voting. It is time to get something done."

The councilmen who voted against the measure say they want to wait until the budget review sessions are completed before voting in favor.

The last budget meeting is scheduled for November 18. The final 2015 budget is set to be voted on December 9.

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