Possible computer glitch keeps some East Texans from voting

Possible computer glitch keeps some East Texans from voting

MARSHALL, TX (KSLA) - It's been 23 hours since the polls closed in Texas and the counting finally came to a close Wednesday night in Harrison County.

One woman says her right to vote was taken away at the polls. Paula Kirby says she stopped at the polls to exercise her right to vote Tuesday only to find out that according to their computer, she'd already made an appearance.

"Well for some reason our system says that you've already voted and you're not the first one we've had like this today, you're about the fourth" is what Kirby says she was told.

Kirby says she was then asked if she had voted early, that's when she says she was told that it was a possible computer glitch. But she insists that November 4, was her first visit to the polls.

"I definitely would have remembered voting" explains Kirby.

Becky Dotson, the Elections Administrator in Harrison County says she had no knowledge of Kirby's complaint but says it could have been a poll worker mistake.

"It could have been something as simple as workers didn't do their jobs but it happened yesterday and they should really look into why because that's not right" says Kirby.

Kirby filled out an affidavit and was allowed to vote using a provisional ballot. Dotson says she will review the labels to determine the confusion but she says that the vote will count.

"As long as it counted, that's all that I care about and making sure it doesn't happen to anyone else" says Kirby.

We're told 200 temporary workers were manning the polls at more than 26 polling locations operating off of only 2 hours of training. Kirby says mistakes are possible but she wants to make sure the job of making sure every vote counts isn't taken lightly.

The elections administrator by law will have six days starting Wednesday to match the labels and review the paperwork completed by Kirby.

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