CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Police seeking child seen smoking in snapchat video

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Police seeking child seen smoking in snapchat video

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A disturbing video makes its way onto social media.

According to a tipster, an Arklatex child is caught on camera smoking a cigarette. Now, police are working to determine if the video is real, and they're also working to identify the people involved.

The video seen on the social media app known as 'snapchat', shows heavy smoke billowing from the nose of a young child and Shreveport police Corporal Marcus Hines is not taking the posting lightly.

"The initial reaction for us, we were alarmed indeed if this is an authentic video," says Corporal Marcus Hines.

The tipster says that the video was posted on snapchat. How snapchat works is the person on the receiving end is able to view the video for a short amount of time, and then the video is supposed to disappear. But the person viewing this video was so disturbed that he saved it.

A crowd of older sounding boys can be heard encouraging the child. Police are taking a closer look at the video, it appears that the young boy is igniting a cigarette lighter, and he does appear to be smoking a real cigarette but Hines says when it comes to videos sometimes things just aren't what they seem to be, so he says authorities will review each aspect of the video closely before acting.

"I've seen videos that depict one thing, and if you look at it a second time, it's like oh, I missed that," said Hines.

If everything does check out, criminal charges could follow closely behind this disturbing social media post. If police track down those responsible for getting the child to smoke, police say they would likely face a charge of 'Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor'.

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