Cancer Survivors 'pay it forward'

Cancer Survivors 'pay it forward'

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A group of breast cancer survivors are banding together - in the fight against the deadly disease and their biggest weapon is the idea of 'paying it forward.'

“When you've been there, you know exactly what the women are going through, so we vow with this organization to take care of every patient that we possibly can take care of,” said breast cancer survivor and founder of the C. Wright Pink Ribbon Project Catherine Wright.

Two breast cancer survivors stood side by side before a congregation, they've got something in common that not only unites them through experience but also pushes them to pay it forward.

"I've been in the trenches, I know how it feels to struggle,” said Wright.

Catherine Wright has been cancer free for ten years now, and when Kina Harris was diagnosed with the disease, Wright immediately extended a hand, a gesture that Harris never forgot.

"She offered me assistance from the Pink Ribbon Project, I was blessed to where I was able to do chemotherapy and work, so I didn't take the assistance but I was so touched by what they do for women that can't work," said Harris.

In the spirit of paying it forward, Harris devised a plan, she reached out to Walgreens, the company that she's currently employed with and got them on board. During the month of September, Walgreen's offered scannable donation cards for the C. Wright Pink Ribbon Project.

"She would always reach out to me so once I finished chemo in August, I wanted to pay back,” said Harris.

A total of $4,734 was collected in stores all over North Louisiana and parts of Mississippi, money that will go towards helping women in the battle against breast cancer. The founder of the project says it's not about her.

"My journey is to make sure another woman doesn't have to go through that, we are here to serve them,” said Wright.

The project helps to keep women on their feet during the trying time, the money will help to pay mortgages and will also cover co-pays for various doctor's visits. Wright says her church family at Stone Wall Baptist Church has really embraced the project.

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