The Knock It Off team gets a calorie busting workout

The Knock It Off team gets a calorie busting workout

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - He calls himself the "Kalorie Killah" and Patrick Mosley delivered on a promise when he worked out the Knock It Off team. The team is currently in week eight of the weight loss challenge and was invited to Mosley's Movements off of West 70th Street in Shreveport for a calorie busting workout. Mosley has a variety of classes to fit different fitness levels, from Kardio Hip Hop to Body Sculpting.

The Knock It Off class spent one hour with Mosley learning the latest moves and dancing to the beat, all while burning calories. By the time the class was over, the group was dripping in sweat and giving high fives.

Since the Knock It Off weight loss challenge started eight weeks ago, the group has lost a total of 126 lbs. They will complete the 12 week session in November with a grand finale and big reveal of how much weight the group lost.

For a list of class descriptions and times click here.

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