Cajun Inn housekeeper opens up about the recent murder, suspect in custody

Cajun Inn housekeeper opens up about the recent murder, suspect in custody

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Room number 205 was more than just a room on the second floor of the Cajun Inn, for one housekeeper the room held special meaning, it's where she knew she could always find her friend.

"I'd always try to make him smile or whatever and he'd be like thank you friend, I am about to go back and pray I'll be back later."

Now all that remains are those memories after 34-year-old Gregory Morris was shot and killed last Monday inside of the hotel room that he lived in. His 30-year-old girlfriend Sreeth Haskin was also shot but is recovering.

"When I came back to work, I really didn't want to be here, because he was gone and that was the person that actually comes out and plays and talks to me a lot."

The housekeeper says that she can't even stand to go near the room where her friend once stayed.

Thanks to surveillance she now has some closure knowing that the man that is believed to be responsible for killing her friend is behind bars. Vivid pictures along with additional evidence led police to arrest 18-year-old Quindarius Allen in connection to the murder.

"Now he can't hurt anyone else, and I hate that he did that to my friend."She says that Morris had fallen on tough times and just when his hope for a better life began to take flight all was silenced by a bullet."

He wanted to straighten his life up, he wanted to do better now all of sudden this happens.

"She'll never see Morris crack another smile and his jokes will no longer brighten her day, but the housekeeper says she'll never forget the man in the corner room that made coming to work a joyful experience.

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