New insight in case against former Shreveport fire chief revealed in court documents

New insight in case against former Shreveport fire chief revealed in court documents

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - There is new insight into the case against former Shreveport Fire Chief Craig Mulford, thanks to recently filed court documents.

Mulford was charged with five counts of malfeasance in office, he has pleaded not guilty to all five counts. The indictment alleges Mulford failed to report the abuse of a mentally challenged man to police or the Louisiana Department of Health and Human Services, failing to report to law enforcement that a crime may have occurred, and by undertaking a sham investigation himself all in order to conceal from fire personnel, law enforcement personnel, and to the general public the fact that the act of prostitution had in fact occurred.

The court documents submitted by the District Attorney's office in October, alleges that not only did Mulford know about the alleged sex and abuse situation way ahead of time, but it also alleges one top leader in the police department may have known sooner than previously thought.

One of the documents provided by the FBI describe an interview with Tony Leblanc, a former captain with the Shreveport Police Department. According to him, weeks before the date the Shreveport Police Chief claims he was made aware of the scandal, Leblanc reports having a conversation with Mulford where the then fire chief said prostitution "may have or did" take place at the Fire Station 8.

Leblanc says he then turned over the information to Chief Shaw describing the conversation he had with Mulford as "weird", but said the conversation was about potential charges for someone involved in solicitation of prostitution.Shaw reportedly didn't do anything with the information and when Leblanc approached Shaw again about it it, Shaw said, "we can talk this to death", and told Leblanc that "Mulford had his telephone number if he needed to get a hold of Shaw."

The documents also reportedly outline several interviews with fire fighters who claim Mulford knew about the Fire Station 8 situation long before he reported it to the city attorney July 29, 2013.

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