Active shooter drill carried out at Bossier school campus

Active shooter drill in Bossier City

On Friday morning a Bossier City school campus was filled with emergency vehicles and personnel.

The kids were out of school today for fall break. But it was a perfect time to for first responders to carry out a parish wide emergency drill today.

The public was asked to avoid the area.... but our cameras were given access to the real life sights and sounds of an active shooter situation.

The police scanners blurt out “We have reports of a shooter in the band room”, And the campus at Bossier High School is immediately swarmed by police. They are there to take part in an active shooter drill.

“This operation is to train them to stop an active shooter as quickly as possible, and render care as immediately as possible to the injured,” said Mark Natale, the Bossier City public information officer.

The drill coordinated by the Bossier Office of Homeland Security.

Gun shots could be heard while people run out of the building.

They were actors from the Bossier Parish Community College drama department.

And they were there to take part in testing the mettle of Bossier City Police,, Bossier City Fire Department, and the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office. They arrived on the scene to carry out their mission despite all the distractions.

“Utilize the information they have find that threat and neutralize it as quickly as possible,” said Natale.

Friday's drill ends like many real life incidents, within minutes a suspect with lots to say is in cuffs and lead to a police car.

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