Family First: Shreveport couple gives birth in Chevron parking lot

Family First: Shreveport couple gives birth in Chevron parking lot

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A former volunteer firefighter and U.S. airman put his training to the test after his wife went into labor and just couldn't make it to the hospital in time. Instead, Destini DeHart gave birth to her third son in the passenger side of a truck in a Shreveport Chevron parking lot.

Destini and her husband Sonny are now thanking the men and women at Fire Station 19 for helping with the safe delivery of their little baby boy they decided to name Ethan. Firefighters playfully call him Baby Chevron.

"All I remember saying is I have to push, I have to push right now," Destini DeHart said.

She started to have contractions at about 3:30 a.m., but they weren't consistent, so she didn't wake up her husband Sonny until after 5 a.m. When they finally decided to drive to the hospital, her contractions were back to back and she knew they weren't going to make it, even though they were just two miles away.

"We were getting pretty close to getting there, but she decided or Ethan decided that he just couldn't make it anymore," Sonny DeHart said.

Not long after Ethan, born September 23, had finally decided it was time to make his world debut, Shreveport firefighters arrived on the scene and went right into action. This is the fourth delivery for Fire Engineer Joe Prator.

"It's always an amazing experience, you know, when you look back at it. It's totally different than what you thought everything is going to go," Prator said. "Naturally having your own child makes it more personal, but each one of these you tend to connect and make it personal."

Station 19 Fire Engineer Rick Murrow says he played a larger role in the delivery than he expected, cutting the umbilical cord but forgetting a very important tool.

"Driving the pump, I did not grab my safety glasses. I was going to be doing the paper work, and next thing I know I was up in the truck with mom and Ethan, so I had to ask my rookie for his safety glasses," Murrow said. 

The DeHarts now say they feel a special bond with the firemen at Station 19 since they played a pivotal role in Ethan's birth. As for more children, this couple says you can count them out.

"I totally can't have anymore because I can't top this story. I'm done," Destini DeHart said.

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