Investigators find more remains in southwest Arkansas

Investigators find more remains in southwest Arkansas

LITTLE RIVER CO., AR (KSLA) - Little River County investigators say they have found more pieces of human remains.

Deputies have roped off an area in the woods right off of County Road 251 in Ogden, Arkansas where authorities tell KSLA News 12 that numerous pieces of skeletal remains have been located.

While authorities believe the remains found are related to the skull that was found earlier Tuesday morning, the State Crime Lab has yet to make a positive identification. Sheriff Gary Gregory says he believes that a person died in the woods and animals possibly scattered the bones.

Authorities are still investigating the discovery as a possible homicide after a 6-year-old girl found a human skull near her Ogden home.

Gregory says that it's too early to determine if the skull belonged to a man or a woman. The skull was sent to the state crime lab for additional testing.

This story is developing and the investigation is ongoing. Stay with KSLA News 12 for updates as information becomes available.

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