A huge loss for the Knock It Off team

A huge loss for the Knock It Off team

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Week five for the Knock It Off team was about rest and recovery.  The folks from Surrenders Massage and Bodywork gave the participants massages.

Kim Barnes, owner of Surrenders Massage, says massages help with circulation.  She says by increasing the circulation, it helps a person to recover from an injury faster.

Barnes says that she has many clients who injure themselves during exercise.  She says by getting a massage at least once a month, it can help relieve chronic injury and pain.

Week five was also a first for the team.  This was the first time everyone lost weight since the group started their 12-week weight loss journey. Tremaile Prelow and Michelle Sweezer both have lost 17.2 pounds since beginning the weight loss challenge.  They both credit a healthier eating lifestyle and working out.

The team has lost a total of 87 pounds.  They still have seven more weeks to go before they reveal their new bodies in the weight loss finale.

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