BPSB waiting on final judgement after losing lawsuit

BPSB waiting on final judgement after losing lawsuit

The Bossier Parish School board is still waiting on a final judgement in a civil lawsuit they lost last week.  The judge is expected to release his final judgement within the next two weeks that will include whether the board has to pay for the family's court fees.

Last Tuesday on September 23, a jury found the board was 100% at fault for not stopping a playground fight at Carrie Martin Elementary School in Plain Dealing.

Jeff and Daisy Brammer sued the school in March of 2013 after their 10-year-old son broke his arm when 3 students attacked him in December of 2012.

The suit alleges before the fight happened, the boy told teacher Tricia Huckaby another student had pushed him down, but she "took no action and instructed Jackson Brammer that there was nothing she could do about it."

The jury sided with the family and found the school board should pay the family $150,000.00 in damages and $12,674.13 for past medical expenses.

"What the Bossier Parish School Board decides to do to this case, at least internally, is up to them," said Adam Savoie, one of two of the Brammer's attorneys. "Our hope would be greater oversight is given to the types of supervision required of its teachers, the type of proactive measures it'll take against school bullying, in hope of eradicating it from our school system," he said.

When the judge releases his final judgement, the clock will start ticking for the district to appeal. 

It is unclear whether the Bossier Parish School Board will file an appeal. A school spokesman directed our questions to their attorney, Roland McNeely.

McNeely says the board is considering an appeal, but have not made a final decision.

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