Fired Shreveport fire chief wants job back

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Less than 24 hours after he was fired as Shreveport's fire chief, Craig Mulford wants his job back. His attorney Paul Carmouche says his client will fight to be reinstated.

“We are disappointed in this decision, because we don't know what policies have been violated,” Carmouche said Friday.

Mulford was fired Thursday after being on paid administrative leave since June, when he was indicted on five counts of malfeasance in office for allegedly violating administrative policies while handling complaints about several firefighters.

Mulford is accused of not reporting the abuse of a mentally challenged man and trying to cover up the hiring of a prostitute for another mentally challenged man.  The abuse allegedly happened at Fire Station 8 in Shreveport.

Defense attorney Paul Carmouche said he'll try to get the chief back on the job as soon as possible, but he indicates that the civil service matter is complicated by the pending criminal matter.

An internal audit was ordered to find out if Mulford violated departmental policies. The mayor's office has not released the details of the findings, which were turned over to Mayor Glover on September 5. Word of Mulford's firing came Thursday night, nearly 3 weeks later.

“We'll be filing an appeal with the civil service board about this termination and we're confident we'll win, that appeal, it just depends when the civil service will decided this case,” said Carmouche.

The criminal case has not been scheduled yet. According to Caddo Prosecutor Dale Cox they are still in the discovery phase, and when they go to court on January 8 for arguments and hearings, he'll ask for a trial date.

“This indictment came down June 26th. Three months ago. And they still can't get it together? They were pretty quick to arrest him,” said Carmouche.

For now, any appeal to get Mulford's job back will probably be filed away for a later date until the criminal case has been adjudicated.

A Shreveport firefighter since July 21, 1982, Mulford rose to the rank of Captain before Mayor Glover promoted him to the top job on July 4, 2011.

In spite of his attorney's vow to fight for Mulford's job, the 32-year veteran of the Shreveport Fire Department is eligible to retire. Carmouche says his client is considering it.

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