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Rival Flexible Ovenware: "Does It Work?"

It's like no ovenware you've ever seen. "Flexible" and "ovenware," two words that don't really go together, but for 20 bucks you get a bundt pan, muffin pan and a loaf pan. Even before you open the box, you're amazed all three can fit in this little box. Pull them out and you immediately understand. This stuff can move.

They're supposed to be oven safe up to 460 degrees and that won't be a problem with what we're cooking. We're whipping up a bundt cake and blueberry muffins. The instructions suggest you use a "not so flexible" cookie sheet so that placement in and removal from the oven will be easier. The cake and muffin mix boxes suggest you use cooking spray at the bottom of the pans --flexible or not-- so we'll use that as well. However, on the muffin pan, we'll leave two of the six holes dry, just to see what happens.

One of the benefits of having a flexible pan is you can simply stretch the pans to release the food. When the muffins were done, we let them cool and then tested the flexibility. The four muffin holes with the cooking spray released the muffins very easily... just a little twist and pull and they were out. The two holes that we left dry, gave us a little more trouble. Cooking spray looks to be a good idea.

As for the bundt pan, we were very impressed. A couple of stretches and the cake fell right out on its own. With a regular bundt pan, we'd be digging the cake loose with a knife. From what we could tell, the food cooked very nicely, leading us to believe Rival's claims that this stuff spreads heat evenly. "Does It Work?" We give it a "yes."

The compact quality of this product is a big plus, especially if you're limited on storage. And it's guaranteed to keep its shape. Because it's not metal, you can use it in the microwave. And it's dishwasher and freezer safe. We got all three pieces for 19.99 at Walgreen's.

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